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Vocab Dose: Vocabulary Builder description

Read. Understand. Recall. Learn.
This simple yet powerful technique is what Vocab Dose uses to help you build a strong and rich English vocabulary really fast. It comes with customized tests, revision flashcards, fun crosswords and much more.

App features include:

-Customized learning: Decide whether to learn words from trending, casuals or gems category. Choose among new words, learnt words (to revise) and words you are currently learning and might not remember completely. Mark words and decide whether to learn from only marked words or the complete word list.

-Tests: Test yourself using similar filters, and let our app figure out which words should be put into learnt category and which should be put into learning category.

-Crossword Puzzles: Solve crossword puzzles to revise words or check your knowledge or just for fun. These will make sure learning vocabulary is never boring!

-Flashcards: All your words in one place! Scroll through the list or swipe through meanings. Mark words, change their categories and see them according to these categories. Another powerful tool in vocabulary development!

-Dictionary: Tap on any word while learning to know its meaning! A simple English dictionary integrated with the whole application in a way that makes learning much simpler.

-Random meaning generator: A basic tool to see and know a random word meaning from our word list.

Recent changes:
First Version of Vocab Dose. A simple and easy way to develop english vocabulary.

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Vocab Dose: Vocabulary Builder

Vocab Dose: Vocabulary Builder


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