Vespa Velutina - Apiculture description


-> USERS: you will be able to create several users. Each user will be individual and will manage warnings, settlements, trips, etc, of form totally independent.

-> WARNINGS: it Manage the distinct warnings registered of the vespa Asian, being able to modify, erase, assign a state, a category and priority. It order the list of warnings.
It choose one or multiple attachments type photo, video, audio or mixed.

-> GEOLOCALIZACION: It geolocate the nests and beehives of each warning for his back eradication to the instant taking the current position and obtaining values eat:

Latitude, Length, Altitude, Accuracy. It choose a way of map: Terrain, Sattelite, Hibrido, etc. Realize a follow-up of his geolocations or share his current position to google maps or navigation.

-> SETTLEMENTS: it Believes settlements geolocated with the possibility to add attachments type photo.

-> TRIPS, INCOME/EXPENSES: it Control the trips, income and expenses of the settlements realized.

-> INSPECTIONS: Realize inspections of the settlements realized including the controls, problems and treatments, adding the current climatic conditions in the moment that creates the inspection.

-> INDEX CARD BEEKEEPER: it Export the evolution of the worker, modify his data, change the image of profile or consult the historial of sessions.

-> SHARE: it Share the information of the warnings, settlements, inspections, trips, expenses/income created with or without attachments, of a fast and simple form through:

* I sent the information by Email, Wassup, Facebook, etc.
* Export the information in files PDF or visualize directly the work realized in any application of PDF that have installed in his device.
* It will be able to access from his Agent of Archives to the files created, distinguished by user and type.

-> MULTIMEDIA And BIBLIOGRAFIA: it Consult the videos tutoriales related with the cases of the vespa velutina and the bibliography.

-> It WORK And it SYNCHRONIZE FROM THE WEB: Connect from the web to manage, synchronize the work realized and control the historial of sessions.

-> SUBJECT: it Choose a subject according to the station in that it find : Summer or Winter to part of the Original.


-> Spanish, Groins (EU and GR), Galician.


-> Compatibility in Android 5.1 Material Design and inferior for Smartphone, Tablet and Android Wear.

- For more information visits the portals web

Recent changes:
Vespa Velutina Release Candidate ver: 1.0.0

Ver: 1.0.1

- Added the functionality to recover the key if it is forgotten.
- Corrections In the formats of some texts.

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