Thots Messenger description

Thots is a next generation messaging service taking human communications to the next level. Thots is developed with the idea in mind that we should have more control over our communication and only words or pictures are often not enough to convey what we want.


1. Shared Canvas- A digital pen and paper that allows you to communicate with anyone on the planet like
they are sitting in front of you. A great educational tool as well as allows your
communication to be taken to the limit of your imagination.

2. Message Scheduling- Thots allows you to schedule your messages such that your messages can be sent
to the receiver at precise times in the future.

3. Personal Assistant/Journal- Thots as a integrated personal assistant/journal allowing you notekeeping
and reminder setup seamlessly built into the messenger experience we all
expect out of such a platform.

4. User friendly UI for location sharing- Thots allows you to share your location easily and intuitively.

5. Boundless Design- We dont think with boxes and so at Thots we felt that our communication should also
not be boxed up. Thots is designed with a boundless principle making it have one of
the most unique designs in the market.

Recent changes:
Android 4.4.2 font bug fixed.

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