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The Vedic Siddhanta - Indian Vedic Astrology description

The Vedic Sidhanta is an initiative of Vedic School of Krishndhaam - (K.A.R.A.S) Center for Advance Research on Astrological & Astronomical Sciences founded with the motive of spreading true classical knowledge on ancient vedic sciences and scriptures i.e Vedic Cosmology, Vedic Astronomy, Siddhanta Jyotish , Vedic Astrology, Spirituality, Ayurveda, Herbology, Yoga, Medini (Mundane) & transcendental subjects.

With the Motive of contributing hardcore research work in Vedic astronomy, Vedic cosmology and covering most of ancient Vedic wisdom extracted from Vedas , Puraanas, Samhitas, various Astrological Systems and Sidhantas for establishing Scientific truth on Vedic school of systems

Our Mission

We want to encourage every being should motivate and learn in right manner and keep forwarding the Systematic approach of Vedic knowledge to guide mankind in right karmic path with the help of our true classical experience and knowledge.Even you can write for us and work with us as a research associate.

Our only motive for this research foundation is to code and decode Vedic Era and establish more systematic and Scientific correlation with Vedic and Modern Astrology.

To discuss real time case studies on Vedic hora systems, highlighting Global Issues via Vedic Mundane Astrology (Often known as Medini Jyotish), clarifying Vedic Jyotish rules and principals connected with every Branch of Astrology (Hora System, Samhita, and Sidhanta, Cosmology).

To work in a much profound approach and establishing a perfect logical and scientific system is only our real goal to keep clarifying fake mis-beliefs regarding our true ancient sciences.

Our Ancient Sages made this divine science to help and understand the karma and fruits and hardships connected with the process of life cycle.Simply to see root cause behind every action behind karmic backlogs. It is nothing more than a karmic Science but essence is purely based on divine vibrations to get better understanding on life situations, not purely materially but to have complete understanding on deep reasons behind its spiritual cause. In My opinion "Jyotish" must be well enlightened in Spiritual beliefs systems to guide native into true path of Spirituality and able to provide a complete balance in life. He should have good understanding on both the life prospects. He should know what is good for the native overall grooming. Its Ultimately an ability of a divine Astrologer who can really help or inspire you to step ahead in life via his divine blessings given as an Almighty gift to him.An Astrologer is not a magician, neither he can change anything via his deep understanding on planetary, neither he can bring any magic in your life, Only thing he could able to do is to guide you in right path of Spirituality with perfect harmony in life with right guidance, precautions and Karama understandings. Only he can do so is to inspire you or able to set or channelize all your energy to get success in both life (Spiritual as well material ).

Keep Remember its the God who is dispenser of all the fruits to the one who deserves based on his karmas.We are nothing we are just a channel of the god to inspire people.

App Silent Feature:

1) One can easily Read all the articles uploaded on the blog in an easy format.

2) Top Articles will be at your finger tips in Home screen.

3) All the Major Labels are introduced in Category Section for Best view and reading articles on i.e Vedic Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Nadi Jyotish, Astro-Meteorology, Divine Codes, Spiritual Sciences, Transits etc

4) Now you Can Share, Save and Download all the Free editions of our Research Journal Magazine " The Divine Codes " on your mobile phone storage.

5) There is Section of Vedic Press where you can find Best books to Read out.

6) All the Authors Are listed in Apps.

7) Now you can get weekly and monthly updates on Vedic Jyotish at your mobile fingertips.

Recent changes:
We have initiated with our Knowledge Database to help people learn Astrology with Ease

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The Vedic Siddhanta - Indian Vedic Astrology

The Vedic Siddhanta - Indian Vedic Astrology


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