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The aim of Smite Rivals is to build a deck and then fight in three lanes using the cards you chose. Placing your cards wisely, and anticipating your opponent's moves are key to your success. Place your cards and outwit your enemy as you play this dynamic and oddly addictive game.

A burning desire to destroy your enemy

The game is free to play, and you may play against the AI of the app, or against other people online. There are in-app purchases, but they are not game breakers at the moment. The trick is to anticipate the moves of your opponent, and to anticipate how your opponent will react to the card you play. You do not have to be a fan of Smite in order to play it. The game takes a little learning before it becomes playable, but even a vague familiarity with online card battling will slice hours off of your learning time. The effects are suitably underwhelming, which is a compliment in the app-gaming world, but the characters could have stood to be a little more detailed.

Conclusion - A good entry to the battle cards genre

The fact you are able to play on the PC or a mobile device is a big selling point, especially since your progress is saved within your online account and not locally. If you can get over the intial learning hump, which is a steep curve, then you are likely to find Smite Rivals very addictive. If you are a fan of card battling, then Smite Rivals is definitely the game for you.

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