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Kepada Pengguna Yang Terhormat

Mohon maaf karena beberapa alasan, kelengkapan data siswa masih belum stabil dan kami masih melakukan perbaikan untuk itu.

Apabila anda menginginkan untuk login, mohon kirimkan NIS SMAN 2 Kota Tangerang Selatan beserta nama lengkap via email ke : [email protected]

Apabila anda mengalami kendala lainnya, mohon kirimkan pertanyaan dan keluhan anda ke [email protected]

Terima Kasih. Semoga hari anda menyenangkan.
Moonzapps Admin


Dear Valued Customer

We do apologize, do to some reasons, students login information can't work properly and we were working on that.

If you want to proceed to the login, Please send your Student Identification Number (NIS) (Limited to SMAN 2 Student's Only) with your full name via email to: [email protected]

If you still experienced other problems, please send email to our support service also via email to [email protected] Thank You. Have A Good One. Moonzapps Admin


Introducing Moonzapps: Stay Productive. While Socializing

All-In-One Solution for your daily activities oversight. Beautifully crafted by handfull of Moonzher Computer Club, we created this app by request from all handfull members of the MPK SMAN 2 Kota Tangerang Selatan.

With our goals, to help all the students from SMAN 2 Kota Tangerang Selatan to be able to communicate and socializing easily with all the people connected to SMAN 2 Kota Tangerang Selatan including Friends, Teachers, The Front Office, The Administration Office, Security Team, and more both home and abroad.

Integrated with HarmoniaMagz! will help everyone to be able to retrieve the latest and the best information related to this school

This Exclusive App was Created and design by the 2017-2018 handfull Moonzher Computer Club members, trying to give their best to provide one of the best experience in socializing.

Not to mention, that this is THE FIRST Public School run by the Indonesian Government and Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture that provides all of the great facilities and a great experience to all of the people that run their daily activities inside the SMAN 2 Kota Tangerang Selatan. We belive that this is going to be Very, Very cool

We Would like to say thank you to all of the people that contribute and share their minds and thoughts in an effort to make this app to get better, and better every single day passed.

If You Want To say Hi and want to help us improve this app Experience. Feel Free to send your email to [email protected] and also our support page at harmoniamagz.com/moonzapps in order to be able to retrieve the latest news about this application.

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