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Mirror Photo Image Editor is a perfect apps for you to create Mirror effect and blend effect.
This application has two main functions. Do you want photo looks like you are twins? or do you want your picture to blend with some nice looking place background? If so then try this app and make many different mirror as well as blend effect on your pic. With Mirror Photo Image Editor you can create mirror effect and blend effect for your photo.

★------ Mirror Effect ------★

Select Mirror option from dashboard.
Select your picture from gallery or take new snap from camera.
Apply mirror effect on selected photo from collections of template. You can create left-right, up-down, reflection,repeating reflection styles of your picture.
You can also select 3D Mirror effect option.
Edit your mirror effected pic with common image editing tools like color photo filter, add text, stickers and many more.
Save and share pic with friends.

★------ Blend Image ------★

Select Blend option from dashboard.
Select image from gallery and crop them.
Add blend effect on your picture. You may select any HD background images from library.
Endlessly edit your pic with most common photo editing tools like photo filter, text, images and many more.
Save and share pic with friends.

With this app you can edit your pic with new concept image editing. Download this app and make pictures more effective. You may also write us for any query or suggestion.
Contact Email : [email protected]

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