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Farming USA is a farming simulator in which you are able to drive and use over 30 farming implements and vehicles. The game has gone for a realistic feel, rather than a FarmVille cartoonish feel. The aim of the game is to make a living by being a farmer. You may walk or drive around your farm, you may buy livestock and grow crops. You use vehicles and tools to harvest your crops and to manage your livestock.

A slow and careful farming game

Farming USA is lacking in arcade action. The game is supposed to be a simulation, which may explain why the game moves so slowly, but sadly, its lack of pace is often boring. Even the tractors seem to move very slowly, which turns farming tasks into a grind instead of turning them into fun experiences. Many of the game objects and environmental features have very little texturing and shading that the game actually looks unfinished. It looks as if the developers stopped making the game half way through adding skins to their 3D models. The many flat and single-colour surfaces are very underwhelming.

The game is let down by its lack of pace and graphics

Farming USA is a simulation game, but the graphics are not of a high enough quality to make the simulation immersive or fun. Even the way the light hits the gaming objects looks basic and fake. The game is also very slow and there is no way to speed up the farming/working process. If you are eager to dive into the world of simulation farming, then you may like to try Farming USA before you try its sequel. Otherwise, you may wish to give this one a miss and move straight on to its sequel.

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