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evian baby&me app - reloaded description

Evian Baby&Me app - reloaded is a cute app from water marketers Evian that lets you see what your babies might look like - with only 50% of the gene load, obviously!

Everybody loves babies!

People like nothing better than looking at babies, and if those babies also look like you, even better! Evian Baby&Me app - reloaded is a terrible name for a pretty simple image manipulation app.

You take a picture of yourself - or someone else - sticking closely to the guidelines provided by the app (well lit, stay within the frame), choose skin color and eye shape, and upload it to the Evian servers. Then, with a little behind the scenes magic, the app will return you a pic of an adorable baby that looks like you!

Once you have your mini-me, you'll be able to change eye and hair color. You'll also be able to share it to your favorite social network.

Too popular for its own good

Like we said, people like nothing better than looking at babies, which is Evian Baby&Me app - reloaded's major problem. It has a serious case of server overload, with frequent "there are too many people using this service" error messages.

We tried all weekend without luck, and were about to give up when we gave it a final try. Luckily, it worked, but when we tried a second time, it was already too busy. This is very frustrating, and just too much trouble for some users.

A polished app

Evian Baby&Me app - reloaded looks good and it easy to use, but there's not much more to say. Menus are intuitive, and options are easy to toggle. The only thing we noticed was that in some windows, there were icons that looked like buttons, but weren't. It was hard to know if what you were about to press would actually do something or not!

Great mini-me fun - if you can get it to work

Evian Baby&Me app - reloaded is fun! Seeing what your baby might look like is funny, and if you have a real baby to compare it to, even better! How accurate your babyification is is doubtful, but that doesn't really matter. The only caveat? There's a real chance the service will be temporarily overloaded. If you're happy to try multiple times, then fine, but if you're the type who is easily frustrated, then we'd give it a miss.

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evian baby&me app - reloaded

evian baby&me app - reloaded


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