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Cookie Frenzy description

Cookie Frenzy is a very addictive shooting game! Cookie Frenzy shot by your finger, and enjoy Candy Blast Mania! Cookie Frenzy is a very addictive splash and most interesting shooting casual game in the google play! This shooting game is also a brand new amazing casual game, completely free!! Objectives differ in over many levels. Shot the cookies, fruits 3 at least or more to create a cooking dinner! Clear all cookies on the table is the main missions, and pet rescue is extra mission, starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging. This Cookie Frenzy Puzzle game with amazing graphic that come with a amazing Cookie Splash. Cookie Frenzy is a smart games for kids, toddlers, phone and tablet.

The items in this shot game are candy, cookie, cake, fruit, sugar. When you shot more than 3 of them of the same type, enhanced items such as Cookie Jam, Cookie Smash, and Cookie Crush will be unveiled. Combine them to create massive Cookie Mania explosions and clear levels! Help the Big Cookie who go along you through game by solving the puzzles presented by the powerful!

☆ Play fun Cookie Frenzy story games With Your Friends & Family! Join the fun new shooting game all your friends are playing!
☆ Beautiful animation & cute graphic, travel through the colorful lands of farm mania to relax with exciting game-play and amazing level design. Help the people you meet have a cookie table!

+++ Features of Cookie Frenzy +++
- Tons of king saga levels, specify pet rescue missions!
- Explore 6 magic worlds with beautiful game backgrounds like candy day
- Brand new power-ups and ways to play!
- Huge awesome explosions as farm frenzy to bits, splashing pumpkin goo everywhere!
- Make combo, collect bottles with poison, wizard books to complete levels
- Township boosters: Drop Cookie boom, Cookie Legend pop, colorful Cookie
- Five game obstacles (Block/Double block, Solid block, Undestroyable block, Wire Block, Thriving block)
- We will add more levels & update gameplay regularly

+++ HOW TO PLAY Cookie Frenzy? +++
- Crush to smash 3 or more Cookie items
- Smash 4 magic items in a line to create Cookie Mama
- Smash 5 magic items in a line to create Cookie Jummy
- Combine 2 special Farm magic to make a big Cookie Gummy explosions

+++ BOOSTERS +++
- Cookie Frenzy Finger: Give +5 extra moves
- Cookie Frenzy Hop: Give +30 extra seconds
- Cookie Frenzy Boom: Destroying 1 item on game field
- Cookie Frenzy Wand: replace the near items color
- Cookie Frenzy Pop: Multicolor bomb on the playing field at the start of the game
- Cookie Frenzy Line: crush & jam all Halloween costumes on the puzzle row
- Cookie Frenzy Blast: crush & jam all Halloween costumes both row & line
- Cookie Frenzy Eye: Combine it with an item to destroy all items of the same type
- Go to Cookie Frenzy Store to buy boosters

Start your adventure with this witch themed puzzle game to unleash the power of pure magic right away! Play Cookie Frenzy Witch Puzzle for never-ending fun and excitement!
@@ HAPPY FARM 2015 @@

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