Blossom Blast Saga description

Blossom Blast Saga is another piece joining game from the creators of Candy Crush. This time the goal is to combine flowers and create spectacular explosions as you challenge your friends.

Welcome to the Garden King

Blossom Blast Saga has the classic match-3 system we know so well. The twist this time is that you can join adjacent pieces to form horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. Combining flowers causes them to bloom and go bomb, with the best joining triggering powers that remove even more flora.

Like all King games, Blossom Blast Saga offers a range of different modes, in this case: Score, Remove the Weeds, Big Buds, and Collect Flowers.

Score is the basic mode: simply remove flowers. In Remove the Weeds mode you must make strings of flowers for weeding around. Big Buds is a mode where you must make as many huge combos as possible. Finally, Collect Flowers invites you to form chains of specific colors.

Colors, power-ups, and explosions ... Have you heard not?

Blossom Blast Saga also features classic powers that help you eliminate more flowers, weeds, etc. That’s right, Candy Crush power-ups adapted to the floral theme.

If you know the mechanics of any game of King, you biggest problem will be not playing Blossom Blast Saga. The difficulty is typically very measured so that in any given day you can ask for help from your friends, use powers you have earned, or as a last resort spend real world money.

Blossom Blast Saga has a very colorful and cute aesthetic, a look all King fans will recognize. Of course, beyond the beautiful designs of flowers, there nothing particularly stands out.

Another good game, but is the formula exhausted?

Blossom Blast Saga does not innovate at all on the King formula. So, is it worth it? Well, it you are just after more of King’s polished social gaming, then absolutely. If you look for something that surprises you, however, you should avoid it.

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